Confused – Should I Sell My Iraqi Dinars or Wait for RV

If you are among the thousands of people who bought the currency of Iraq expecting to score a huge advantage now be surprising what choices exist to liquidate their holdings dinar. The Iraqi Dinar investment vision has been around for approximately a decade.

Sleep is promoted by a number of websites that sell Iraqi money – that is, real physical cash do – to “investors” through mail order. The selling point is the following websites: Previous to the Gulf War of 1990 1000000 Dinar was value $ 3.2 million USD, nowadays you can purchase 1 million Dinar for $ 1,150.00 USD.”


As Iraq’s financial system is likely to improve, the Dinar was revalued. If the revaluation is in a level that is approaching the exchange rate previous to the war, a small cash outlay could return millions nowadays for those smart enough to obtain in now. Iraq’s vast oil resources, well-educated populace & reconstruction aid guaranteed by the U.S. make purchasing Iraqi dinar roughly a sure bet.

This reasoning has proved striking to thousands of people who have taken the plunge & purchased Iraqi currency. However, people who pay money for Iraqi dinars are not purchasing a liquid, negotiated investment; however are purchasing a “collectible” numismatic having incredibly high transaction costs. For the case, nowadays you can imagine paying around $ 1150 USD per million Iraqi Dinar (IQD) money dealers online. The similar 1000000 IQD is value the exchange rate just $ 854 USD – a substantial 30% of marks. Dealers give the good reason for this margin noting the high costs of transportation & custodial packages in overseas currency. Likewise, if you are a holder of Iraqi cash & have decided to convert the Dinar back into dollars, your choices are limited and expensive.

Dinar A website builds the following extraordinary description of the well print Q & A: Until markets grow for the resale of Iraqi Dinars, it may be hard for you to liquidate your Iraqi Dinars or exchange them for U.S. dollars. One option is to sell the coins back to a Dinar dealer. Frequently online dinar dealers that 1,000,000 Iraqi dinars are advertised for sale for $ 1110 willing and eager to pay $ 800 to purchase back the similar million Iraqi dinars. In other words, when you drive off the lot Dinar is immediately worth 32% less in the eyes of the dealer who just sold you! Selling Dinar back to a dealer is the choice that has the uppermost cost of the transaction however fewer difficulties.

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